A 501(c)(3) Public Charity delivering technology programs that empower woman in under-served communities to then empower their children and communities

Rural and underserved communities need and want our help; they need and want opportunity. Join us, help us create community-owned technology programs that aim to provide sustainable opportunities to empower women, girls, their families and their communities.

Why it matters

Since 2008, I've worked in Africa on public health research on HIV/AIDS, family planning, and malaria. In living in the communities, I've learned about their lives, their joys, and their struggles. I was struck by seeing women with 6-, 7-, 8-, or 9 children who are often abused by their husbands.

This caused me to move beyond research and into championing the Smartstainable empowerment program, which teaches women and girls valuable information technology (IT) skills so that they can earn a living, support their families, raise technology awareness and knowledge in their community by mentoring others, and ultimately, give them choices in their lives.
Professor Susan, Co-Founder, Smartstainable

What we've achieved

The first program introduced women to the fundamentals of computers and culminated in their building a mobile app. The inaugural program concluded in July 2015. The attendees received certificates of accomplishment and they celebrated with family and friends. They then shared something special with other women in the community: the feeling of change and self-determination that they gained through computer knowledge and knowhow.

The students participated in Skype calls with computer professionals globally which stirred an amazingly positive reaction from all involved. They formed a global community of empowerment. Through Skype, they also opened their hearts to empower survivors and caretakers of the Ebola virus in Liberia.

At the request of the medical superintendent, the team of rural women began sharing their skills and knowledge with the hospital staff, adapting their schedules to match the staff's demanding schedules. They passed the torch from woman-to-woman…

In June 2018, we piloted and still offer the Teenage Empowerment Program. At the end of the program, rural teenagers gained more confidence, better discipline towards completing assignments, and a stronger desire to possess equal rights. They networked with other participants, which provided a feeling of empowerment as they individually shaped their lives and collectively shared their transformation with each other.

We could use your help

We will create additional learning opportunies together to help communities solve probelms of rural poverty, lower the rate of early teenage pregnancies and marriages, and provide skills that lead to potential in the age of virtual work.

We will continue to provide new train-the-trainer programs to additional rural women. They, in turn, will earn money to oversee free community-owned computer technology programs. It's both smart and sustainable.

Tom Snyder, Co-Founder, Smartstainable