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Being a volunteer

Thank you for your interest in helping us help empower rural and underserved communities.

As volunteers, we don't get paid and we do not use any donations for travel expenses.

Another thing we don't have is all the answers. What we do have is a passion to serve and a desire to make a difference. And the difference is in the opportunities we aim to create.

Whatever time you are able and willing to donate is greatly appreciated.

If your question is, "How can I help?," then reach out to us and we'll be happy to chat and hopefully turn that into action!

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Program Volunteer

Mentor, Role Model

Become a part of a community program. Help a rural and underserved community solve a problem and achieve the benefits of a technology solution.

Board Member


Champion and govern our mission to empower rural and underserved communities.


Communications Specialist

Share our story of smiles and determination through a consistent and clear message.

Meet our volunteer community

As volunteers, we are part of a team of passionate individuals who believe in the vision to create a world of equal opportunity.

Professor Susan

Co-Founder, Board Member

Dr. Susan Kiene (Professor Susan) is a Professor of Global Health at San Diego State University (SDSU), School of Public Health. Before joining SDSU School of Public Health, Dr. Kiene was an Assistant Professor of Community Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine from 2011-2014 and an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Community Health (Research) at Brown University from 2007-2011, where she remains an adjunct faculty member in the School of Public Health.

Tom Snyder

Co-Founder, Board Member

Tom Snyder is an IT professional who delivers solution initiatives and drives those solutions based on available resources. He is a leader in managing software solutions, technical consulting, and technical training. He has extensive experience with the pre-sales and post-sales process, teaming with internal sales and external business partners on scope definition and project implementations.

Dr. Lule


Dr. Lule was the District Health Officer of Butambala District and the prior Medical Superintendent of Gombe Hospital. He served this area for over 18 years carrying out both administrative and clinical work. He worked with the communities to address local health problems. He won a Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) award in 2013 for the best frontline health worker. He is a member of the governing body of the GHWA in representing frontline health workers.

Counselor Ruth


Ruth Sessanga is a leader in the Gombe community. She has a collaborative mindset, loves to help people, thrives on innovation, and has a passion for positive change. Ruth promotes Smartstainable as a "grassroots program" within the community. Ruth inspires us all as she shares this philosophy with the community: this program gives knowledge and knowledge is power and power is empowerment.

Sandy King

Board Member, Officer

Sandy King is a training and education career professional. She first taught history and English in public schools. She then transitioned to Information Technology Training for more than 45 years. Three projects highlight her career: she developed and taught a course in Non-Western Civilization for the Ford Foundation; she taught entry-level programming for inmates at Walpole State Prison; and she presently mentors women in the Smartstainable program.

Esther Nakasiko

Volunteer, Mentor, Role Model

Esther Nakasiko is a diligent and enthusiastic Information Technology Specialist with a zeal for innovation and transformation. She is a great role model, friendly, and approachable, with a passion for technology that is contagious. Esther has significant expertise in administration, logistical planning, and smooth delivery of diverse events.